Monday, June 29, 2009

Eye Catchers

Supreme Court Reconsiders McCain-Feingold: Good thing McCain isn't running in 2012
Update On Honduras: Obama and Chavez on same side
Demint Rolls Out Book: Rule #1 when running for president is to "write a book"
Graham Starting To Lead GOP: Offering GOP solutions instead of attacking Obama
Pawlenty 2012 More Likely: Taking shots at Sanford and traveling across the county
Mike Pence 2012: Going to Iowa
Barbour vs Obama: Barbour in '12 too?
Huckabee Wins From Sanford Affair: Bauer endorsed him in 2008 and is running for Governor in 2010
Sarah Palin Wins Straw Poll: Kansas to Huck "there's a new girl in town"
Romney Takes a Hit: MA doesn't like his health care plan

Instead of a bunch of small individual posts...We've decided to change them to "Eye Catchers" to save us all the trouble and space. Lots of political and election news all at once. What more could you be asking for?

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