Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cleve Tidwell Wins Straw Poll

Cleve Tidwell last night managed to come on top in the straw poll that closed right before midnight. Tidwell had lead most of the month, but in the last two days, Ryan Frazier managed to gather enough supporters to steal the lead. The two continued to battle for first place all through last night. At times it looked like Tidwell could not win and Frazier had it locked. At other times it looked like the poll would come down to only few votes the race was so close. The candidates were separated at the end by 24 votes.

Both candidates did and outstanding job of rousing support from twitter, facebook and e-mails. Over 1,100 people have voted which shows great enthusiasm from supporters. If the GOP can take this energy to the general once a candidate is selected and unit together, Bennet will have a run for his money.

Ken Buck came in third place with 6% of the vote. Ironically, he was had 6% most of the time no matter how many votes were cast. Bob Beauprez came in last place with only 1%. This can be and indication Colorado Republicans are not too happy about trying to elect Beauprez again.

The results...
1) Cleve Tidwell with 552 Votes (47%)
2) Ryan Frazier with 528 Votes (45%)
3) Ken Buck with 71 Votes (6%)
4) Bob Beauprez with 12 Votes (1%)

Total votes: 1163

More people voted on this poll then for any single candidate at the CPAC straw poll for President. Most of the votes came in yesterday for the Frazier side and a majority came in yesterday for the Tidwell side also. It was interesting to watch such a close race.

We will have the gubernatorial poll posted today. Tell all your friends and supporters of your candidate to come and vote for your guy.


  1. I only wish we could get the GOP excited like this for the Governor's race. HINT HINT

  2. How many of Tidwells voters were sockpuppets?


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