Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tidwell Tangled In Web Post Controversy

Cleve Tidwell this week has been accused of "spamming" blog polls and pretending to be someone he is not by posting comments about himself as another person. Tidwell assured that it was not him making these comments and the volunteer who did has since left the campaign.

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  1. Its not called spamming, its "sock puppet".

  2. I must say, this is quite an interesting turn of events, and I have heard both sides of the story and I still haven't made up my mind on what to believe. It will be interesting to see how this affects his poll numbers...

  3. Denver Post LOL consider the source!!!! What a joke they must really be hurting for a News story.Why don't they focus their attention on what this Criminal Obama is doing to our country!!!This Newspaper isn't even worthy of wiping my ass with it.

  4. I do find it interesting that this story broke the last day of Colorado Political News US Senate Straw Poill.

  5. Propaganda anything to hurt the Conservative movement.There are Republican Bloggers over at that Rocky Mountain Right that started these ridiculous accusations.

  6. Or should I say so-called Republicans

  7. As a side note to CD-3... I'm not sure where anyone is getting the info that McConnell has tea party support? From what I have seen and heard, the people who claim to BE the "tea party" are not doing any kind of real vetting process of any kind and using their own opinion to speak for the masses. And from my own good opinion the man has little substance to his views on policy and is only running off the false pretence of being the "tea party candidate".

    I have persnally spoken with both Tipton and McConnell and let me just say that Tipton is hands down the best for the job!

    - Young Voter from Grand Junction

  8. One more thing... May I also add in reference to the tea partiers etc. Some people are having a hard time with only being focused on voting for a candidate that isn't a "polition". As soon as you run for office you become a polition of sorts. And just because someone may have been in some kind of office for a few years, doesn't mean that they are evil and shouldn't be in office any more.

    The one thing that I have been telling my friends and family is look at their resume! If they aren't qualified for the job that WE are hiring them to do then why the hell would you vote them into office? Our lovely Secretary of Homeland Security for instance... did she even so much as have a job as a mall security officer??? NO. So how the hell is she the Secretary of HOMELAND SECURITY?!

    I actually don't know much at all about Jane Norton, but have heard Tidwell speak, and have spoken to him personally, and the man was a big time business negotiator. To me this seems like an obvious bonus for a guy running for senate.

    Again, I need to research Norton further, but frankly it's irrelevant to me that she has Washington's backing. What does that mean? She has family legacy in Washington waiting for her or what? And I do believe in Reagan's 11th commandment, so the ads against her bother me, since hearing that they were paid for by another rep. candidate.

    -Young Voter from Grand Junction


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