Thursday, June 25, 2009

Penry Ready To Win 2010

As the Durango Herald reports....
An all-but-certain Republican candidate for governor promised a
campaign of sharp attacks against Democrats in 2010.

State Sen. Josh Penry
urged Republicans to take the fight to Democrats with "guts and conviction" in a
Wednesday speech to the Lincoln Club of Colorado, a Republican
"Is anyone else here tired of the flimflam, mealy-mouthed
Republican?" Penry said. "We need a contrast, not an echo chamber. If we go into
2010 and say, 'They're pretty good, but we can do a little better,' we will
never win."
Penry has not formally declared as a candidate, but if he runs,
he would have to beat his former boss, retired U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, in the
Republican primary. Evergreen businessman Don Maes also has entered the GOP
primary. The winner likely will face incumbent Gov. Bill Ritter.

First a's DAN not DON. Other then that, Penry looks more each day like he plans to run for Governor. Most likely there will be a bloody primary between Penry and McInnis while Maes tries to garner enough support to get on the ballot.

The democrats are hopeful that by the end of this primary the GOP will be divided and have a weakened candidate. While that may also be true, primaries raise ID throughout the whole state. We'll see if Bill can keep his job next year though.

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  1. I can't find anything with Penry's comments that I disagree with. Republicans in Congress in the 90's went to change washington but they let washington change them (mcinnis included).
    It's time for a fresh, smart, principled perspective in the Colorado GOP. I hope Penry does run. Primaries can be a good thing. Look at how a primary with Gale Noron strengthened Wayne Allard to go on and beat Tom Strickland. Bill Owens beat Tom Norton and went on to win. The list goes on and on.


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