Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dan Maes Wins Straw Poll

Businessman Dan Maes of Evergreen, come out on top in our straw poll which closed last night right before midnight. Maes won with 40% of the vote to Josh Penry's 34%. If this was the convention both men would get on the ballot, however Scott McInnis would not who was not able to reach 30%. Tancredo and Wiens had a small number of supporters.

Both Dan Maes and Scott McInnis have filed paperwork to run for Governor. Penry is expected to make an announcement later. Senator Wiens has said he has been setting his life up to run for Governor so we included him. Former Congressman Tancredo had talked with Bob Beauprez back last year about running for Governor. Although it didn't seem like he would run, with Obama deciding to take on immigration a Tancredo run is more likely.

Maes was a political unknown a few months ago to pretty much everyone. Now he has made is way around gaining support and doing well in straw polls, especially for someone the state had never heard of before. Scott McInnis would do very well in the general election, however he still hasn't done anything yet. He silently filed paperwork for Governor. Although he has been to events and is starting to organize a team, he still doesn't have a website up with would allow easy donations to come through and allow volunteers to sign up.

The results follow...
1) Dan Maes with 288 votes (40%)
2) Josh Penry with 248 votes (34%)
3) Scott McInnis with 134 votes (18%)
4) Tom Tancredo with 32 votes (4%)
5) Tom Wiens with 7 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 709


  1. This is further proof of the legitimacy of this website. Most of the so called experts, insiders and pollsters would say Maes doesnt have a shot, just like they said Tidwell doesnt have a shot, but the people have spoken once again and the true grass roots candidate has won. If I were a betting man I would get behind both Mes and Tidwell right now.

  2. Maes has been making the rounds, and starting to get noticed. He will be a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Thank you for that comment....once again dan. Try to post something new besides that on every single blog.


  5. Sorry, the post above was not mine. This one is. DM

  6. We are ready for leadership and a fresh eye! The pundits see only in the rear view mirror. If the candidate hasn't been there in the past they can't see them. Welcome to the windshield, boys!

  7. since you can't spell clEve right, I'm guessing you're just setting the bar high so Dan and Cleve make "low" expectations am I correct?

  8. i would talk to some high schools, we are eager to vote this year and have great impact on our family. I have never seen someone running talk at a high school nearby in the longest time, and i live in englewood/littleton. Come to our schools.

  9. I feel that Dan Maes would be a great Governor for the State of Colorado for the following reasons. He has the knowledge, integrity, and humility that a good leader should have. His small business background and his hard work ethic will be an asset as he deals with the economy and in helping businesses to thrive so that more jobs can be created. He understands the importance of balancing budgets and in cutting wasteful spending. He also wants to uphold the laws of the land and work hard to enforce those laws. He shows integrity in the way he wants to run his campaign which is being positive and focusing on the issues. As I listen to Dan I see what a humble, sincere person he is and would strongly encourage the people of this state to do all that they can to help Dan Maes become the next governor of the State of Colorado.

  10. Hello, If Dan Maes is such a front runner, why have I not heard (read) of him until just today?

  11. 11:30

    Dan Maes recieved 40% at the caucus and is well receieved on the grass-roots level. He sure isn't a nobody and one should have an eye on how well he does at the state convention in Maes


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