Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day And All It Did

Today, June 6th, 2009 marks the 65th anniversary of one of the most famous campaigns in history made to liberate a world from despair and hopelessness. 65 years ago on this day, a horde of soldiers from all different nations and all different corners of the world joined together to fight a terrifying evil to liberate Europe and stop the oppression of free people.

For once, the world set aside their differences and problems to unit for the greater good of mankind. An axis of evil had grown so powerful it had taken control of an entire continent and continued to spread while another had taken over the Pacific. Had these braves soldiers, even if they did not think it at the time, not risked their lives for the country, their beliefs and their people, the greatest evil known yet to man would have had the power and strength to consume all mankind. Freedom would have been destroyed in the fires of dictatorship and malice. There would have been no dawn for liberty, freedom, or belief.

Today, 65 years ago marked the beginning of the end of a terrible tyranny. Before the war, America did not have the honor of holding its head up high as the greatest nation of the world. A nation that leads by example, and tries the hardest to show compassion and hope when there is none. A nation of liberty and freedom. A nation where if you work hard and try hard you will succeed. A nation where those who are different, are not prosecuted. A nation of free thinking where you can practice any religion and worship any god. . A nation that the world knows as the greatest of all nations. After the war, America became that nation.

Remember the lives of those who fought for our nation, and lost their lives to save it and everything they had and we do believe in.

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