Friday, June 5, 2009

Van Who? For What?

Mark Van Wyk has decide to run for Senate. He has a website up here. So what's this guy all about?

Van Wyk Announces Campaign for 2010 U.S. Senate
27, 2009
CASTLE ROCK, COLO. - Mark Van Wyk, Douglas County small business
owner and Colorado resident for over 19 years, formally announced his Republican
candidacy for Colorado U.S. Senate seat. Van Wyk has filed paperwork with the
Federal Election Commission, making his candidacy for the U.S. Senate
"I believe America is still a shining light in a world that beckons
all who seek freedom, truth, justice and liberty. We need to get back to these
original ideas of our Consitution" says Van Wyk.

Do we see him winning? Not unless he has the dream team of political minds helping him. He's a CEO which can be a plus or minus in this economy, but that does mean real-life business experience. Cleve Tidwell has a much better chance then this guy though because his business experience which created lots of jobs also got him in relations with the international community and other countries. Sorry Van, maybe try for State Senate first...and make sure you spell constitution right next time.


  1. A Real ConservativeJune 5, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    Mark Van Wyk has extensive experience in the international sector as well, if not more so than this Clive Tidwell fellow. Also, Mr Van Wyk as far as I know is the only committed pro-life, pro-liberty candidate in this race in contrast to this carpetbagger Tidwell.

  2. Thank you for that comment about yourself

  3. Mark, you really should learn to spell your opponent's name right. And since you think you want to belong in the government, spell constitution right while your at it.

  4. Im sorry Colorado Political News but "international experience" means nothing in either the primary or general elections.

  5. Yes it does...You wouldn't want Senators on the Foreign Affairs Committee to not know anything about foreign affairs or foreign policy would you? International experience does mean something to both parties in both elections. It just depends if the voters want their Senator to be making foreign policy or doing something else in Congress.

  6. Sorry Alex, it probably should matter but in reality it does not. Do you think people really took in Schaffer's international experience vs Udalls? What about McCain vs Obama? Money matters, in the end that is about all that matters.

  7. People sure did look at McCain vs Obama in foreign policy. Especially during the Georgia incident. That was McCain's strong point, Obama's was giving hope. Of course since Shaffer and Udall didn't have international experience there was nothing to actually look at.

  8. Uh, Schaffer did have international experience and no one cared. It actually ended up being used against him.

    Ditto for Holtzman and Beauprez's international experience.

  9. I've eaten Belgian waffles AND French toast at IHOP - does that give me international credibility? Oh yeah - and I had bratwurst at a Rockies game. Hillary Clinton better watch out!!!


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