Monday, June 29, 2009

Democrat Announced For HD-28

Steve Harvey announced his intentions to run for Colorado House District 28 in south Jeffco. The results of the 2008 election...

Jim Kerr (GOP)
58.6% (21,473)

Tom Dittemore (Dem)
41.3% (15,111)

We are often drawn to our differences, but politics can and
should be the art of finding our common ground. There are certain things almost
all people want: We all want to live well and we all want to live free. People
of good will want to be fair to others, and most people want to be safe. We want
these things for ourselves, for our loved ones, and, if we are reasonably
generous, for our neighbors and friends as well. In our noblest moments, some of
us want them even for our enemies. We dream, we strive, we aspire, we work, we
play, we love, we hope. We share more that binds us than that divides us.

If there are any candidates that have announced and we haven't caught it yet please e-mail us at to get it posted.

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